Welcome to Geelong Sewing Centre

Hi there!  This is our pixel based store to complement our beloved bricks and mortar one.

The best way to use this website is as a sort of background burble to what goes on in the shop. We love sewing the most (almost more than breathing) and love to make sure you have the least trouble doing so as well. We don't sell our machines here, as we'd rather see you and talk to you and make sure you're happy with your purchase. For tips on buying, go here.

If you're having trouble with your current machine go here and if that fails, try here.

If you would like to utilise your machine better go here for basic things and here for more hands on things.

We hope we are helpful in digital format but we'd love to see you walk in the door!


Geelong Sewing Centre

  • Horn Australia
  • 6D Embroidery
  • Janome
  • Singer
  • Handi Quilter
  • Baby Lock